Ambulance Responder

Ambulance Responder is the second level of SAAS volunteer. Ambulance Responders can provide Basic Life Support and transport utilising limited Clinical Practice Protocols. Ambulance Responders may work with Ambulance Assists, another Ambulance Responder, Ambulance Officer or Paramedics (depending on their stations location and workplace needs). In some circumstances the Ambulance Responder may work as a solo responder.

The Ambulance Responder completes further non-accredited training building on from their Ambulance Assist/Certificate II in Medical Service First Response program. We would encourage all Ambulance Assists after a period of consolidation to train and achieve this level of care.

The program will be available from the 1st July 2019. Local and centralised Clinical Education "Fast Track" and traditional courses will be scheduled.

To be eligible to access AR eLearning and attend AR workshops you must:

  1. Have completed all the Ambulance Assist training requirements (have been issued an Authority to Practice and the Certificate II in Medical Service First Response.
  2. Have the recommendation of your Regional Team Leader (RTL) to progress.
  3. Complete the Non-Accredited Training Program enrolment (send to Clinical Education)

Ideally you would have consolidated your AA skills and regularly completing operational road shifts before progressing.

To access the pre-workshop eLearning and videos you will need to click on the following picture (login to SAAS eLearning will be required):