Notice - SAAS eLearning Moodle Upgrade

Start date & time: 9:00am Saturday October 3rd

End date & time: 9:00am Monday October 5th

The SAAS eLearning Moodle site will be upgraded to maintain security and stability, as well as to take advantage of improvements in usability and aesthetics. The web address of the site will not change, nor should users expect to see any major changes to the content.

The site will be taken offline to perform the upgrade, and will be inaccessible for the duration. As such, the upgrade has been scheduled for a time of relatively low demand, however we understand that learners may still have need of the content hosted onsite.

Many of our resources - for example eBooks - are downloadable or hosted externally. If you will have need of any of these during the upgrade process, please download a copy or save a link thereto beforehand.

Assessment items (quizzes, assignments) cannot be downloaded and will be inaccessible. We ask that you plan accordingly.

Any questions or concerns that you may have should be addressed to:

Keenan Nunes-Vaz
Online Learning Coordinator, Clinical Education
Phone: (08) 7117 0510