Volunteer Education Information

Welcome to the Volunteer Education Information site. Volunteering for a new organisation is exciting, but it can also be daunting. There is so much to learn, get your head around, and understand.

Don’t panic! These pages & the volunteer orientation book will give you a brief overview of SA Ambulance Service (SAAS) and how it works, which should make things a little bit easier. It covers:

  • information to help you get to know the organisation
  • information about ambulance training

Volunteers are an integral part of SAAS, our training focuses on ensuring you develop the skills, knowledge and attitudes required for you to carry out your duties. SAAS believes that learning should be a positive experience and, where possible, a diverse range of methodologies and technologies should be employed in line with adult learning principles to ensure the best possible learning outcomes for all. The learning material provided to you has been developed to meet the requirements of the Health Training Package (HLT). Qualifications provided to volunteers are at a Certificate II and Certificate IV level.


After completing your course you will be issued with a certificate. This is the official document stating the qualification you have completed. You will also receive a record of results, which will identify the units of competency studied as part of your course. If, for whatever reason, you don’t complete the course, you are entitled to a statement of attainment for completed units of competency.

Authority to Practice Levels

There are 3 distinct levels of Ambulance Volunteer Authority to Practice (ATP). An Authority to Practice is issued to all SAAS clinical staff once they have completed certain levels of training. The ATP clearly lists their roles and clinical expectations in terms of treatment and skills. The , the Ambulance Responder (AR) and the Ambulance Officer (AO). Click on the blocks below for more information about each level.